Which White Cassock Wearing Pope Doesn't Have A Change Of Clothes? Benedict? Francis? Mini-Me Francis?

What's With The Smirk?
I continue to wear the white cassock and kept the name Benedict for purely practical reasons. At the moment of my resignation there were no other clothes available. In any case, I wear the white cassock in a visibly different way to how the Pope wears it. This is another case of completely unfounded speculations being made. (A Letter Addressed to Andrea Tornielli)
The Pope doesn't have a change of clothes?

Tell me which Pope doesn't have a change of clothes:

Pope Francis & Mini-Me

1. Benedict
2. Francis
3. Francis Mini-Me

This has to be one of the most absurd reasons given that Pope Benedict still wears white. Because of just such an insane response in a letter to a newspaper reporter one has to wonder if it's all made up - meaning that Pope Benedict never wrote the letter and that Pope Benedict was forcibly removed from office.