Pope Francis Takes A Swipe At LOTR! Tolkien's Gandalf Is A Wizard, A Sorcerer, A “Healer” Who Goes And Plies His Trade And Is On His Way!

Gnostic Wizard Gandalf

Pope Francis in his underhanded way condemns LOTR???

He is not a wizard, a sorcerer, a “healer” who goes and [plies his trade] and is on his way: everyone [he helps], he helps to return to his proper place – He leaves no one on the side of the road. These acts of Jesus are very beautiful, indeed." Pope Francis Casa Santa Marta 24 Feb. 2014

I guess Pope Francis doesn't consider Tolkien's Gnostic Gandalf to be a Christ like figure after all!

Kudos to Pope Francis for condemning LOTR - sort of....

.....Who Goes And Plies His Trade And Is On His Way...