Shame On Edward Pentin Of National Catholic Register & Professor Massimo Introvigne Who Got It Wrong! It Was A Couple Of Pope Francis' Drug Addicts That Stole The Pope John Paul II Relic!

Washing Feet Of Drug Addicts
Holy Thursday 2013

Here is the accusation by National Catholic Register & professor Massimo Introvigne who accused Latin Mass traditionalists of stealing the relic of Pope John Paul II!
What is your take on this case? 
Some people in my Center for Studies on New Religions have been interviewed about this and they tell me that, from the information given yesterday, there’s no evidence of this incident being in any way related to Satanism. It’s just speculation, there is no hard evidence. Also, sometimes beware of Italian journalists because they like to connect Satanism to a lot of stuff. To give you my gut feeling: it’s more to do with groups of what we call in sociology “fringe Catholics” – marginal groups of Catholics who want to perhaps steal in order to furnish their private chapels, and follow non-authorised private revelations, or something similar. It seems more their style. Satanists aren’t interested in stealing these kinds of things. They steal consecrated hosts. I’ve never heard of Satanists stealing relics. Unless I see any evidence, I think it’s extremely unlikely.  
So what would be their motives for stealing such a holy relic?  
In Italy we have scores of groups of Catholics who are half in, half outside the Catholic Church and they normally follow apocalyptic private revelations not recognised by the Church and they have chapels which, from a canonical point of view, are illegal chapels. They are not authorised by a bishop and some of these groups might be enthusiastic for such important relics and to have them in their private chapels. Some of these groups are well hidden. They may await the end of the world, not believe Pope Francis is the real Pope, follow this and that ‘revelation’ of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. But there are probably several hundred such semi-clandestine groups in Italy and if I had to bet, I’d put my money on one of these groups and not on the Satanists, because Satanists, as I said, take hosts [and] I’ve never heard about any Satanist group abusing relics. National Catholic Register
Now here is the reality:
Three men accused of stealing a religious relic containing the blood of Pope John Paul II may have thrown it away believing it to be worthless, Italian police fear. The piece of blood-soaked cloth worn by the Pope when he was shot in a failed assassination attempt in 1981 was stolen on Saturday from a medieval sanctuary in the Abruzzo mountains. Police have recovered the metal frame used to hold the relic, following a search involving over 50 officers and sniffer dogs, but have not been able to find the patch of cloth itself.Two of the three men arrested over the theft were described as drug addicts aged 23 and 24 who were known to the police for a range of petty crimes. A police spokesman said the men 'did not understand the relic's value' and 'cannot remember where they threw away the precious loot', according to a report by the ANSA news agency. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

So no it wasn't Latin Mass attending Catholics who stole the relic but a couple of drug addicts - you know - kinda like the drug addicts that Pope Francis loves so much that he washed their feet on Holy Thursday last year - remember?