Which Female Cardinal Is Hotter? Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese? Or Professor Linda Hogan? Vatican Says No To Female Cardinals & Mark Shea is Pissed!

Mary McAleese
Hottest Cardinal
Rumor started by convert Mark Shea that one day there would be woman cardinals see here:
Some time ago, I pointed out that there is basically nothing to stop the Church from appointing lay women cardinals if She decided to do so. Cardinals are essentially administrative fixes, different in degree, but not in kind, from a parish administrative or finance council. They were cooked up by the Church to deal with the the problem of a papacy that had become a political football among squabbling Italian clans. The idea was to have sober and responsible people, not Mafiosi, choose the Pope. In general, a smart move. Mark Shea Read More>>>>>
Vatican says NO!

“This is just nonsense . . . It is simply not a realistic possibility that Pope Francis will name women cardinals for the February consistory. Theologically and theoretically, it is possible. Being a cardinal is one of those roles in the church for which, theoretically, you do not have to be ordained but to move from there to suggesting the pope will name women cardinals for the next consistory is not remotely realistic.” Senior Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi 
 Professor Linda Hogan
Runner Up