Pope Francis Targets Zimbabwe's Corrupt President Robert Mugabe For Assassination: "Corrupt Should Be Tied To A Rock And Thrown Into The Sea"

Pope Francis Bowing Before Zimbabwe's Corrupt President Robert Mugabe
“Those who take kickbacks have lost their dignity and give their children dirty bread, corruption was as much of an addiction as taking drugs — We might start with a small bribe, but it’s like a drug, may the Lord change the hearts of those who worship the kickback god” Pope Francis The Destroyer

"there is difference between being a sinner and being corrupt. Those who sin and repent, who ask for forgiveness, are humble before the Lord. But those who continue to sin, while pretending to be Christian, lead a double life, they are corrupt. A Christian who is a benefactor, who gives to the Church with one hand, but steals with the other hand from the country, from the poor, is unjust. And Jesus says: “It would be better for him if a millstone were put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea”. This is because, that person is deceitful, and “where there is deceit, the Spirit of God cannot be”.  Pope Francis The Destroyer
Robert Mugabe is:

1. Church Benefactor
2. Corrupt Politician

The above words of Pope Francis apply directly to Robert Mugabe.

Two Met On Pope's Big Day

Did Pope Francis have Robert Mugabe in mind when he utter the above words against corrupt benefactors?
Does it look like Pope Francis was displeased with corrupt Mugabe on his Inauguration day?

And why would Pope Francis bow before a "corrupt" politician like Mugabe?

Do any of you remember that corrupt Mugabe got front row seats at Francis' Inauguration day Mass:
Front Row Seats
International pariah: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, has been under a European Union travel ban since 2002 because of allegations of vote rigging and human rights abuses. The Vatican is not part of the European Union, allowing Mugabe to travel there. Daily Mail Read More >>>>>>>

Who will Pope Francis send to Zimbabwe to pay Mugabe a much needed visit?

Maybe a Cardinal with a few talents: