No More Miracles! Only Photo Ops! Man Suffering From Neurofibromatosis Only Gets A Photo Op With Pope Francis Not A Healing Miracle!

Photo Op
No Healing Miracle Here!

Who benefits from this photo op?

1. Pope Francis
2. Man Suffering From Neurofibromatosis

Yes! Pope Francis is the only one benefiting from the above photo op.

No miracles here , just another Vatican publicity stunt to fool the lot of you!

As for the comparison that Pope Francis is imitating St. Francis who kissed a leper, here is the legend of St. Francis (and please tell me what are the similarities?)
St Francis Kissing the Leper  
This incident happened when Francis was still living the life of a privileged youth, though the story portends his transformation. Francis had always been strongly repulsed by lepers. It almost amounted to a phobia. Once while riding his horse down a country road, Francis encountered a leper. It was as if he experienced an epiphany. He quickly dismounted the horse and kissed the leper. Legend has it that as Francis moved down the road and looked back, the leper disappeared, as if he had been a divine vision.
No similarities at all, is there? Unless you're telling me that Pope Francis has an aversion to those suffering from neurofibromatosis?

Or maybe the man suffering from neurofibromatosis disappeared, as if he had been a divine vision?

How Dare You!