Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate ELECTS Archbishop Viganò As The Rightful Pope.


Didn't take long.....

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Now for the nonsense....

In this powerlessness, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, being the voice of prophecy, took a step towards salvation – in an extraordinary election, it proclaimed Archbishop Viganò the rightful Pope. However, the heretic Bergoglio, occupying the papal office, continues to take irreversible meteoric steps to destroy the Church. By virtue of false obedience, he tries to draw Catholic bishops into the anti-Church of the New Age.

Archbishop Viganò is silent on the papal election. He must wait for open support from brave and conscious bishops who will join him and support him as the Pope. Their common goal must be salvation from mass apostasy which has already been programmed by Bergoglio and is to be announced in the coming days. There is little time left. The faithful need to realize that this determines their salvation and the salvation of their children and grandchildren. The time has come for them to pray for the bishops and to urge them, personally or in writing, to take a decisive step and separate themselves from the invalid Pope. Let them stand up for the new true Catholic Pope! Source

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr

+ Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops