Rad Trad Grievance Collector: Blogger Mundabor's Grievances Against Pope Francis....


Francis makes my blood, and the blood of many of us, boil. Not because of personal animosity against the man (he has never spitted me in the face, or tried to touch me inappropriately), but because of what he is doing to Christ and His Church. I will not be silent, and I will not sugarcoat the scandal the man is creating. .......... Francis is a heretical, ignorant, lewd, socialist old boor whose ignorance is only surpassed by his arrogance. The sooner he dies, the better it is, and we should all pray for his painless death and his substitution for a Catholic Pope. Source

How long before an attempt on the life of Pope Francis takes place?

1. One Day
2. One Week
3. One Month
4. One Year

And will the Pope Francis Attacker be a Latin Mass Rad Trad?

1. Yes
2. No

Will the Pope Francis Attacker be a Rad Trad Blogger?

1. Yes
2. No

What Blogger will be blamed for influencing the Pope Francis Attacker?

As an aside I was the first blogger to call Pope Francis a Heretic and everyone followed suit...

Then I went on about my life and have never been disturbed by what the Pope says or does.....

My spiritual life is better for it...

I don't understand the lay hysteria over what Pope Francis does or doesn't do.....

So all of this anger will lead to the attempted murder of Pope Francis by some demented follower of the Rad Trad Blogosphere.....


  1. Mundabor is an anonymous coward. He might even be the imbecile who kept posting gay pornography over here. Even other effeminate rad trads like Skojec, Domet, etc... at least have the testicles to use their names while attacking the Pope.


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