Bridge Building Pope Francis Colombia DOOM! As Pope Does Fly Over Colombia Bridge Collapses Killing Nine Workers


Colombia was not on Pope's Fly Over telegram list - but still.....

Colombia motorway bridge collapses killing nine workers

A motorway bridge under construction in Colombia has collapsed, killing at least nine workers and injuring five others. The bridge in Chirajara was to be part of a highway connecting the capital, Bogotá, with the city of Villavicencio. Photos from the scene show a large part of the 450m-long bridge lying in the ravine below. Transport Minister Germán Cardona spoke of a "tragedy" and said the cause of the collapse would be investigated. Source

Purpose of all these doom posts is to point out that Catholic doctrine has always been backed up with miracles from Our Lord to the Apostles to the Saints. 

If you want confirmation of the truth of the Catholics Faith - then look to the Miracles that Catholics have performed throughout the ages.

Same goes today - if Pope Francis says or does anything contrary to the Catholic Faith and Morals - then the Pope should provide Miracles to back up his new doctrine - he won't - he can't.

So instead we are witness to all the Doom that follows in the wake of Pope Francis and his doctrines.

This Colombia doom is just another anti-miracle of Pope Francis that has been documented by this blog time and again.