DOOM! Italy Missed The World Cup For The First Time Since The Election Of John XXIII

Italy missed the World Cup for the first time since 1958 when John XXIII was elected 28 October 1958:

Apocalypse: How Italy and the world reacted to the Azzurri missing out on World Cup finals

“Goodbye to Russia – we’re out of the World Cup for the first time since 1958.” Failing to qualify for the tournament was nothing less than “the Apocalypse”, the paper said. “It's one of the darkest pages of our sporting history," Andrea Monti, the editor, wrote in a front-page editorial. “A brutal slap beyond the incalculable harm for a country that lives and breathes soccer.” A tearful Buffon was one of several big names to announce the end of their international careers following the defeat. “It’s a huge blow, arguably the biggest blow to Italian football ever,” said Paddy Agnew, a Rome-based soccer expert and the author of “Forza Italia: The Fall and Rise of Italian Football.” “It’s one thing not to qualify for the World Cup in 1958, when there were only 16 teams, but not to qualify for 2018, when there are 32 teams, is another matter.” Source

Doom of some sort I'm sure........