Video of Drive-By Cat Killings Prompts Arrest in Saudi Arabia

It was the kind of cat video no one would want to see. A 26-year-old Saudi man was arrested on Thursday after officials said he had posted a Snapchat video in which he killed at least three cats with what appeared to be a rifle, some from a moving car. In the video, which was taken in a residential neighborhood in the port city of Jidda and which prompted a social media uproar, the man could be heard saying that he was shooting the cats because they had repeatedly left a mess on his four cars. “For those who tell me it’s haram” — forbidden — “to kill cats: I have to wash four cars every week,” he says in the video, which users captured and posted to YouTube because Snapchat videos normally disappear after 24 hours. The man recorded himself with a digitally altered image — a cat’s ears and nose were superimposed on his face, using one of Snapchat’s filters — and modified his voice, which was made to sound like that of a high-pitched robot. Source