HAJJ DOOM! Saudi Arabia Bans 100,000 Muslim Pilgrims From Entering Mecca!


Police will chase violators through the ritual sites?


Saudi Arabia bans 95,400 people without Hajj permits into Mecca

Saudi Arabia on Monday banned 95,400 individuals and 47,700 vehicles from entering Mecca for not having Hajj permits, Saudi Press Agency reported. The commander of Hajj Security Forces, Khalid Al-Harbi, said that all those who want to perform Hajj are welcomed only after obtaining the required permits. He warned violators of legal actions, saying that the police will chase them inside the ritual sites in the city and monitor them through CCTVs and police aviation. He assured that the concerned authorities are fully ready to ensure secure Hajj for all pilgrims. Meanwhile, the passport department highlighted on Monday that until Sunday night, a total of 675,000 foreign pilgrims arrived in the kingdom. The country is expecting that this Hajj season will attract more than two million domestic and foreign pilgrims. NAN reports that the Saudi Arabia cabinet approved an increase in the number of Muslims who could perform Hajj this year. The 800,000 increase will bring the total number of pilgrims to 2.6 million. In 2016, 1. 8 Muslims officially performed Haj in and around Makkah in western Saudi Arabia. Source