St. Pope Leo IV On Killing Muslims Versus Pope Francis Treatment Of Muslims

Leo IV (847-855),  “To the Army of the Franks” [PL 115:655]
Laying aside all fear and dread, strive to act in a manly way against the enemies of the holy faith and the adversaries of all regions. Up until now, whenever your parents mobilized their military forces, they always emerged victorious; no multitude of people was ever able to overcome them. We are aware of no time when they were turned back without the fame of a victory. We wish the charity of all of you to know that the celestial kingdoms of heaven will by no means be denied to any who dies—we say this hoping it does not happen—in the faith [fideliter] in battle in this war.  When anyone of you dies, The All Powerful knows whether you have died for the sake of the truth of the faith, the protection of the homeland, and the defense of Christians. For that reason the aforementioned reward from Him will follow.

Francis & Muslim Diplomats

“Muslims are our brothers and Christians must cultivate mutual respect with them”~ Pope Francis Angelus 11 August 2013

“My wish is that the dialogue between us should help to build bridges connecting all people, in such a way that everyone can see in the other not an enemy, not a rival, but a brother or sister to be welcomed and embraced,” ~ Pope Francis 22 March 2013

‘If my good friend Dr Gasparri says a curse word against my mother, then a punch awaits him. It’s normal. One cannot provoke. One cannot insult the faith of others. One cannot make fun of faith.’~ Pope Francis 15 January 2015