Please God May There Be No Surprises When Baby Jesus Is Unveiled! Pope Francis & His No Halo Baby Jesus!

Could Be Any Infant The 77 Year Old Pope Is Kissing

On Christmas Eve when the Christ Child was still veiled from the public eye, many wondered what lay in store for us when baby Jesus was unveiled - would baby Jesus be black? or would baby Jesus look like the false and lying prophet Muhammad? Or maybe baby Jesus would be a girl? Or maybe baby Jesus would be transgendered making everyone wonder just what sex baby Jesus is?

All above scenarios are possible under this new pope.

Thankfully, none of the above possible scary depictions came true.

But one depiction that was not anticipated is the one depiction of baby Jesus that came true.

Instead the reality was a little more sinister - baby Jesus looked like any baby - a baby Jesus with no halo - just like the white kid down the block.

Under Pope Benedict baby Jesus looked like a normal baby Jesus with halo & all:

Christmas Eve 2012

Now granted many new mass goers last year were horrified and scandalised that the depiction of the Infant Jesus looked as if there were golden knives rammed into the skull - I don't know if these new mass goers were pulling our leg or if they were really and truly scandalised, after all this is the same depiction of Infant Jesus used every Christmas Eve Mass by Pope Benedict for the last several years, and as any one with a lick of devotion will know that Benedict's Infant Jesus is an appropriate depiction and should not scandalises anyone 'cept for heretics and modernist new mass goers.

So instead we get an Infant Jesus that looks like any baby boy doll that little girls play with:

Truly a sad state of affairs when Churchmen reduce everything scared and holy down to the level of cheap consumerism that the church men all complain about:

Just Your Standard Commercialized Depiction Of An Infant


  1. That's a lot of hair for a baby. I personally would prefer that the gay pope who says he can't condemn homosexuality would not kiss any baby, no matter how much hair it has, whether it has a halo or not, or even whether its real or not. Keep the pervert homosexual heretic away from babies, please.


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