For Those FSSP Rad Trads Who Blame The US And Ukraine For The Moscow Terror Attack...Watch This ISIS Video

I should make a list of demented FSSP Rad Trads who blame the US and Ukraine for the Moscow Terror Attack.

No names so far.

Here watch this ISIS video.....

Well it's blocked...

Here is a sanitized version...

Hopefully you get the point.

I bet Ann Barnhardt will be the first FSSP Rad Trad to claim the US and Ukraine are behind the Moscow terror attacks. 

Other FSSP knuckle heads will follow. 

If so I will make a list of FSSP Rad Trad who basically defend ISIS.

It goes to show you that just because one attends the Latin Mass doesn't mean that they're not a complete fool.

Maybe FSSP can do a Go Fund Me for the misunderstood and falsely accused  Muslims 

Shamsuddin Fariddun was allegedly seen staking out Crocus City Hall on March 7 when he was pictured at the venue. The image (above) is purportedly seen on a picture taken at the venue by a photographer who was working at Crocus Source