Weinandy: Francis Even Worse Than Bad Popes of the Past

In the past, bad popes were tainted with fornication, simony, nepotism and greed, but the current crisis is worse because Francis is attacking Catholic doctrine, Capuchin Father Thomas Weinandy, told LaVerita.info (25 January): "His predecessors may have practiced fornication, but they never claimed that fornication was good. Now, however, Francis seems to be attacking the very moral teaching of the Church, especially in matters of sexuality". Francis is "undermining the teaching of the Church", and "instead of strengthening unity in the Church, he is creating division". He never accepts criticism but blames others, even though it is his ideology, not the ideology of others, that has created the current problems. Weinandy notes that Francis' "Sodoma Supplicans" is not in line with Church teaching because homosexual acts are intrinsically evil. Everything that comes out of the Vatican, whether from Francis or Tucho, is full of "deceptive and manipulative ambiguity". The two deliberately sow confusion that "serves to promote what is desired but not openly manifested. And it is diabolical". "We will have bishops who will bless homosexual concubines and others who will refuse because there is no longer clarity on Church teaching." Weinandy seems to think that "most" of the American bishops have a solid Catholic faith, "but not all, especially those appointed by Francis". Francis dislikes the United States precisely because there are still many good Catholics there, Weinandy reveals. He calls synodality a farce, because Francis is more tyrannical than any pope in memory, because no bishop or theologian was consulted for Fiducia Supplicans, as is usually the case for a Vatican document, "and this is a dictatorial conduct of the pontificate". The same goes for "the much-vaunted parresia": "Francis wants the truth to be told so that he can single out his enemies and then implement his revenge when he does not like what he hears". Source