Navalny body 'FOUND'; Covered in bruises...

Alexei Navalny's body 'is FOUND and shows signs of bruising caused by being held down while suffering convulsions' 

Alexei Navalny's body reportedly shows signs of bruising that were caused by being held down while he suffered a seizure, raising fears that he was killed on the orders of Vladimir Putin. The wounds are consistent with the Russian opposition leader - who died aged 47 on Friday amid claims he was 'murdered' by Vladimir Putin's regime - having suffered a 'seizure', according to independent outlet Novaya Gazeta Europe. The news outlet spoke to a paramedic in the Salekhard ambulance service, close to the IK-3 penal colony, also known as 'Polar Wolf', where Navalny was being held. Paramedics found bruises on Navalny's body, which is now under police guard in a morgue at Salekhard district clinical hospital, according to the independent news outlet. 'Usually the bodies of people who die in prison are taken straight to the Bureau of Forensic Medicine on Glazkova Street, but in this case it was taken to the clinical hospital for some reason,' the anonymous paramedic told the outlet. 'As an experienced paramedic, I can say that the injuries described by those who saw them appeared to be from convulsions.    Source