Third Winter 2024 Explosion: Explosions Reported at One of Russia's Largest Chemical Plants

Explosions Reported at One of Russia's Largest Chemical Plants 
Explosions have been reported at one of Russia's largest chemical plants in the Rostov region that borders Ukraine. The pro-Ukrainian Eastern European news outlet Nexta said on Telegram Monday that local residents heard explosions before a fire started at the state-owned Kamensky plant in the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. It would mark the latest unexplained explosion to take place at a Russian facility. There have been a string of mysterious fires in Russia since President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Newsweek couldn't immediately verify the report and has contacted the Russian defense ministry for comment by email. "Workers were evacuated," NEXTA reported, publishing a nine-second clip that shows huge plumes of black smoke rising into the air. It described the facility as "at one of the largest chemical enterprises in the south of the Russian Federation." Source

Russian chemical plant on fire after 'several explosions' spark huge plume of smoke 
A Russian chemical plant has gone up in flames after it was rocked by "several explosions". In a yet-to-be-verified photo posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, flames and plumes of smoke have been seen rising from Russia's Kamensky chemical plant in Russia's Rostov region. It's unclear what caused the explosions or if there are any casaulties. It comes after a tragic incident befell the same chemical plant back in 2021. Six workers in a secret weapons-making section of the plant died after suffering “horrific burns” in a mysterious “explosion”, it is was reported at the time. Only one out of a team of seven remained alive and was is in grave condition following the blast. Source