Why Would A Gym Explode? Bomb Goes Off At Gym In South Wales Treforest Industrial Estate

Explosion originated in a Gym.

Why would a Gym blow up?

Gym equipment blows up? 

MINDSET Functional Fitness | Gym and Personal Fitness ...

Address: Severn Rd, Unit 10 Rizla House, Pontypridd CF37 5SP, United Kingdom

From Wales On-line:

Gym users fled screaming as explosion blew radiators off the walls and rubble rained down on car park 

People using a gym at a centre of an explosion on the Treforest Industrial Estate had to break down a fence after escaping the building. There were around 30 people using the Mindset Gym when a massive explosion and fireball rocked the Rizla House building where it is based. One person remains unaccounted for after the major incident on Wednesday evening. Live updates can be followed here. Flames and smoke were seen after a fire broke out at a property on Severn Road, at around 7pm on Wednesday. A gym user, who asked not to be named, said they were in the second floor gym when there was what he described as a "massive explosion" that made the radiators fall off the walls. He said that everyone was screaming and running for the fire exit with a staff member on a microphone screaming for everyone to get out. When they got to the car park they found they were trapped because so much rubble had fallen across the exit.He said: "We were trapped between the building on fire and the electric grid. We snapped the fence in a corner after some time and made sure everyone got through and safe. There must of been 30 people in the gym or maybe little less. We all got out safe and no injuries thankfully." One person is unaccounted for, at least one building has been destroyed and the major incident. The two-storey building was "totally alight" and "at risk of collapse", South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said.  Source

From the BBC

The fire was in a 60,000 sq ft (5,574 sq m) warehouse called Rizla House which houses 13 commercial units including a gym, a towel manufacturer, a food laboratory and a telecoms service company. Emergency services remained at the scene of the burnt-out gym on Thursday. Some roads in the area remain closed and a joint investigation with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, South Wales Police and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is taking place into the cause. Mr Davies said: "We were going about our usual gym class and then about quarter past seven we sat down and we had a coffee in the cafe area, the next thing we knew a massive explosion." He said he and his friend saw the stairwell by the entrance to the cafe explode. "All the walls caved in, it was carnage... it was very scary". "The staff were excellent in terms of getting everybody out, shouting and making sure everybody escaped out the back entrance. "It's a bit surreal, because you are sort of in something, you don't actually realise how life and death that was. "You don't think it's ever going to happen to you." The Welsh Ambulance Service said it "treated three patients at the scene before discharging them" on Wednesday evening. Source