Why UK Is Sending Huge Aircraft Carrier On Top Secret Mission To Arctic

Why UK is sending huge aircraft carrier on top secret mission to Arctic 
Britain has joined a top-secret multinational mission in the Arctic Circle alongside NATO allies, according to the UK Defence Journal who offered a cheeky update for Christmas Day. Britain’s high-readiness aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, set sail earlier today, the UK Defence Journal jokingly reported NATO Admiral Feliz Navidad revealed that the unusual mission had even brought together NATO and Russian forces. Foreign Office spokesman Nicholas Cringle said British forces had been requested to support a "classified cargo aircraft". He said that the HMS Queen Elizabeth would act as an emergency landing option if the cargo aircraft required an emergency landing. Mr Cringle added that the secretive "multi-national air transport mission will be launched from a currently undisclosed location within the Arctic Circle". It is thought that the undisclosed cargo could be made public on 25th December "to good boys and girls". The Royal Navy said: “Part of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s previous trials involved the fitting of STOVL (Sleigh Take Off and Vixen Landing) equipment allowing for this kind of aircraft to land and take-off from the carrier.” Earlier this month, the Royal Air Force said it was on high alert to track unusual cargo flights from the Arctic region. MoD spokesman, Noel Joy, said: “Interception is part of what the Quick Reaction Alert force do. Source