The SSPX Superior General Asked Us To Prepare The Faithful For The Consecration Of New Bishops, Without Specifying The Date

We report a summary of Don Delagneau's communication. 
The Superior General asked us to prepare the faithful for the consecration of new bishops, without specifying the date. In fact, our prelates are growing old and their ministry is expanding throughout the world. It is a serious issue that can disturb certain faithful, especially young people who are not very interested in the crisis of the Church, but also new faithful who do not have sufficient information on the 1988 consecrations. We must expect - on the part of the authorities - to be treated as excommunicated, as schismatics. All painful and worrying things for a Catholic. The media will know how to amplify these condemnations, as will the Fraternity of Saint Peter and company; for these it will be a good opportunity to justify their choice in the crisis of the Church. We must therefore prepare ourselves for this new persecution, which can be beneficial as it will force us to delve deeper into the reasons for our battle. […] It is clear that it is the Pope who has universal jurisdiction over all Christians, and it is therefore he who entrusts a part of the flock to each bishop, remaining responsible before God. And this is of divine right. But the choice of bishops is of ecclesiastical law [...] And therefore the refusal of bishops to Tradition pertains to human law, while saving souls pertains to divine law. It follows that in the case of grave necessity for the souls of the entire world, one can and even must go against a human law to safeguard the divine law. We invite all our readers to pray for future bishops and that the Priestly Society of Saint Pius We associate in our prayers the pious and happy memory of Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre, without whom nothing would have been possible. Source