FSSP Rad Trad Failures: Fr. Jackson + Steve Skojec + Gary Voris + Christine Niles. Who's Next?

FSSP is all about Social Media Influencing. The FSSP thought they could destory the SSPX by using the Internet as a weapon against the Society. It didn't work.

Most all of the Rad Trad Influencers  on Social Media attend the FSSP.

Remember a few years back when these Rad Trad Influencers used their influence to attack the SSPX.

Please don't forget.

List of FSSP Rad Trad Failures 

1. Fr. Jackson 
2. Steve Skojec 
3. Gary Voris 
4. Christine Niles

I'm sure I will add to the list of FSSP Social Media Influencers soon enough