Convert And Rad Trad Influencer Mike Parrott Reverts Back To Protestantism And Blasphemes The Words Of Consecration At Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass....

4 AUG. 2023
Slip of the tongue?

Or is the Convert & Rad Trad Influencer slowly reverting back to Protestantism? 

Rad Trad Influencer Mike Parrott know everything about the Catholic Faith (better than you do) and that is why he converted on Easter Sunday and by Easter Monday set up a Social Media Empire telling Catholics how to believe.

Not only does the defender of the Faith Mike Parrott mock men much older than him but he worships his children. Carries a gun or two to Mass and begs for money from Catholics who have real paying jobs.

Mike Parrott knows about the phrase Hocus Pocus but it did not stop him from using it on his podcast.


Because he was made or forced to use the wicked and blasphemous phrase by his own weak and perverted conscience.

1620s, Hocas Pocas, common name of a magician or juggler, a sham-Latin invocation used in tricks, probably based on a perversion of the sacramental blessing from the Mass, Hoc est corpus meum "This is my body." The first to make this speculation on its origin apparently was English prelate John Tillotson (1630-1694).

I will speak of one man ... that went about in King James his time ... who called himself, the Kings Majesties most excellent Hocus Pocus, and so was called, because that at the playing of every Trick, he used to say, Hocus pocus, tontus tabantus, vade celeriter jubeo, a dark composure of words, to blinde the eyes of the beholders, to make his Trick pass the more currantly without discovery. [Thomas Ady, "A Candle in the Dark," 1655]  Online  Etymology Dictionary

[The words of the Consecration of the Host:]

The folk etymology is however traced to a sermon by John Tillotson, delivered in 1694, which states ‘In all probability those common juggling words of hocus pocus are nothing else but a corruption of hoc est corpus, by way of ridiculous imitation of the priests of the Church of Rome in their trick of transubstantiation’, which exemplifies the stock figure of the conjuring priest, even if Tillotson goropizes. Jesuits and Philosophasters: Robert Burton’s Response to the Gunpowder Plot

Hocus Pocus or Hocas Pocas is a bigoted remark made a long time ago by nasty English Protestants. The bigoted remark took hold and many who use the blasphemous words do not understand the origin of the remark. Some of course do - the enlightened ones - and they still use it today in the same way it was used back then.  

"I'm Bypassing the 'Hocus Pocus' of the United Nations" ~ Obama