Batshit Crazy Ann Barnhardt: Attention Antipope Bergoglio And You Filthy Faggots PLEASE Send A Formal Letter Of “Excommunication”

Batshit Crazy Ann Barnhardt:  

Attention Antipope Bergoglio and Freemasonic Antichurch: PLEASE send a formal letter of “excommunication” because I was burnin’ korans before y’all could say ‘Hagan Lio”

"Folks, I’m dead serious when I say that I’m legit nervous about rolling in to my Particular Judgment without having some sort of official documentation of being “excommunicated” from the Antichurch of which Jorge Bergoglio has been the puppet front these ten years. I feel like Our Lord will tell me that I didn’t do enough, didn’t try hard enough, didn’t LEAN INTO THE PLATE unless I have an official document of “excommunication” from these God-hating Freemason sodomite rat bastards.

SO, you filthy faggots, please mail my letter of “excommunication” to:

Ann Barnhardt
6834 South University Blvd.
Centennial, CO 80122

And, I know I’m not in the position to ask any favors, but if it could be signed by BOTH Antipope Bergoglio AND Tucho Fernandez, I’d be absolutely over the moon. Hoo baby, I’m gonna matte and frame that badboy and hang it in my living room and have it blessed. And if I die before the Antipapacy and Antichurch usurpation is resolved, it’s going in the plywood box with me. PLEEEEEAAASE. PLEEEEEASE excommunicate me from the Antichurch. I’m Roman Catholic. I’m NOT in communion with the Antipope and his flying faggot apostate Antichurch monkeys. MAKE IT OFFICIAL. MAKE IT PUBLIC. LET’S GOOOOOOOO." Source