Bad Fruit Of Fr. Zuhlsdorf's Practice Of Hiding Guns Under His Vestments During Mass? Secret Service Wands A DC Priest For Guns On Gaudete Sunday.....

Gaudete Sunday 2022

Fr. John Todd Zuhlsdorf started a bad trend - carrying guns underneath his vestments while saying the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He convinced many other Priests to do the same. Fr. Z also influenced thousands of Lay FSSP Rad Trads into carrying weapons during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

During your average FSSP Latin Mass there are more bullets present than there are souls.

The Secret Service took notice and now wands DC Priests for guns anytime President Biden attends Mass.

If you remember Fr Z did an Election Exorcism without the permission of his Bishop - the result?

January 6th insurrection.
Fr. Z and his ilk are a danger to themselves and others.

Guns Owned By Priests of FSSP 
St. Rose Philippine Duchesne 
5035 Rainbow Blvd., 
Westwood, KS 66205

Fr. Z took the above picture back in the day.