Reverence By Mundabor

Mundabor carries a gun (maybe more) with him to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

He thinks he is doing nothing wrong. Mundabor encourages others to bring weapons to Mass.

Mundabor thinks silence is necessary at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - but he encourages others to bring their screaming whining yelling and shouting infants.

Mundabor does not know that the Devil used the screams of Infants to disrupt the prayers of St Anthony of the Desert.

Mundabor like most Latin Mass knuckleheads think that screaming whining yelling shouting infants is part of the Liturgy.

They are idiots.

How can any man have devotion with screaming whining yelling and shouting infants in the back ground?

You can't.

So please when you see or read Latin Mass Warriors complaining about the noise at ta New Mass - ask them why they think  screaming whining yelling and shouting infants at the Latin Mass is SILENCE?

They will shut up and hang their head in shame.

They will not correct their wives and tell them to stay home with their screaming whining yelling and shouting infants.

No. These Latin Mass Laymen are sensual men and they need access to their wife's naughty bit to keep them going. So they won't correct the wife.

Here read from a Latin Mass Knucklehead who has ruined the Silence of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass complaining about the noise at a Novus Ordo Mass....

Reverence By Mundabor
A dumb “c”atholic publication (no link) put out an article stating that we should stop saying that the Latin Mass is more reverent. At the end of the article, and after the usual small c catholic bloviation, it is said that if something is made to honour God (and the author add, respect others; because in NuChurch the others are deified) it is reverent. Exactly there lies the problem. The clapping, the noises, the chatting, the walking around at the “sign of peace”, the casual kindergarten exercises with the children, and all the rest that comes with your usual Novus Ordo are, exactly, not reverent because they lack that sense of awe, solemnity and utter respect traditional linked with the word. Reverence is not only a matter of intention: it is in the way this intention is showed. If this were not the case, the playing of guitars in church could be considered reverent merely because the happy guitarists think they are honouring God, whilst every reasonable person would tell you that such an exercise is exactly the definition of lack of reverence. Similarly, the chanting of Gregorian chant is, by definition, reverent even if no one of the singers actually has any faith. If there is no exterior expression of the sense of awe in front of God’s power, and of deep interior submission to Him, then there is no reverence. All those soi-disant “charismatic” people with their disordered vociferating may think that they are being faithful, they may even think that they are proper worshipping God, but one thing they will never be is being reverent. This is, to the common sense, so obvious that even those who have no contact with the Church instinctively, automatically grasp it. Countless movies have represented Catholic Traditional masses exactly in order to transmit the reverence. Nobody, who has to make a movie, would use the happy clapping and the applauses of the modern rituals instead. It’s not even about silence, though silence is an important part of it. The Dies Irae of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem is, in fact, extremely loud, but nobody in his right mind would ever think that it is not reverent. 

Silence, though, is a very big ingredient. Modern V II do not know any better, which is why you see them chatting in church before the beginning of mass like they were in line for cinema tickets. But hey, I am sure if you asked them, they would tell you they are doing nothing wrong. The new liturgy has destroyed, inter alia, the sense of reverence. Masses which your average V II churchgoer would describe as “reverent” have lost almost every trace of it: but everybody feels so good when the children are called in front of the altar, or sent back to the pews, like it’s the Christmas school recital; or when the usual applause at the end of it, and everybody feels so sanctimoniously good at encouraging each other. Almost as diabetes-inducing as those namaste signs at the “sign of peace”…. We need to recover the very sense of the word, and learn from what our ancestors did for so long, if we want to restore the very basics of proper worship. And no, almost no Novus Ordo mass can be defined as “reverent”. Because the Novus Ordo is made exactly in order to be irreverent. Source