Seventh Fall Explosion: Noon Day Devil Explosion In Newman Illinois - House Blows up At 12:03 PM


I've posted before on noonday devil explosions - explosions occurring at the noon hour- there have been a lot of them over the last two years. I've also posted about witches and house explosions and fires.

First on the noonday devil:

The term Noonday Demon (also Noonday Devil, Demon of Noontide, Midday Demon or Meridian Demon) is used as a personification and synonym for acedia. It indicates a demonic figure thought to be active at the noon hour which inclines its victims (usually monastics) to restlessness, excitability and inattention to one's duties. It comes from biblical sources: Psalm 91:6 of the Hebrew Bible reads "mi-ketev yashud tsohorayim": from destruction that despoils at midday. This phrase was translated into Alexandrian Greek in the Septuagint into. "apo pragmatos diaporeuomenou en skotei apo symptwmatos kai daimoniou mesembrinou" ([you need not fear] the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.). In the Vulgate, Jerome's translation of the Septuagint into Latin, we can find a personification in the daemonium meridianum ("Non timebis . . . ab incursu et daemonio meridiano"). This demonic personification is kept in the Catholic Douay-Rheims translation of the Old Testament of 1609 (Psalms 90:6). An exception is King James Version of 1611, where the translation follows the Hebrew: “the destruction that wasteth at noonday”. The Orthodox Study Bible confirms the understanding of Saint Jerome and translates Psalm 91:6 as "Nor by a thing moving in darkness, Nor by mishap and a demon of noonday." Holman reported that an Aramaic paraphrasing text in the Dead Sea Scrolls of this Psalm from the first century speaks of demons and spiritual warfare as the Latin and Greek translations did. In the writings of Evagrius Ponticus, a Christian monk and ascetic, the Noonday Demon is specifically responsible for acedia, which he describes as "daemon qui etiam meridianus vocatur", attacking the cenobites most frequently between the hours of ten and two. It caused a sentiment characterized by exhaustion, listlessness, sadness, or dejection, restlessness, aversion to the cell and ascetic life, and yearning for family and former life. Source 

On the House explosion today in Newman Illinois:

9 OCTOBER 2022

‘You could hear her’: neighbor rushes to help after house explosion 
NEWMAN, Ill. (WCIA) – “The explosion was so bad that it felt like somebody hit us,” Melinda Labaume said. Labaume was at work Sunday when a house exploded just down the street in Newman. “We went outside, and then I saw the smoke… It looked like it was coming from my house,” she said. As Labaume got closer, she realized it was her neighbor’s house, and noticed her car was outside. “I wasn’t even thinking – I just ran and jumped in,” she said. Labaume said she knew her neighbor was home.“You could hear her. She was saying ‘help,’ or ‘daddy.’ It was one or the other, and she kept saying it,” she said. Now, all that’s left of 306 Broadway Street is a pile of debris and ash. That’s where Labaume found her neighbor – who was immediately airlifted to the hospital. “She told me she was turning on her stove and it exploded,” she said. At about 12:03 in the afternoon, Newman Fire Protection District Chief Wade Hales was called to the scene, and it was unlike any he had responded to before. “First time for everything,” Hales said. Everyone we spoke to was shocked by the blast. “A house down the street has their windows blown out. That’s a heck of an explosion to cause that much damage,” family member Kraig Watson said. The State Fire Marshal is helping investigate the cause of the explosion. Hales said it damaged the house next door – where neighbors say the victim’s father lives. “The only thing that we can honestly say is the potential for natural gas,” Hales said. Hales said they had help from the Brocton, Hume, Oakland and Camargo fire departments. “When we live in small communities, it takes multiple agencies to help with situations that occur like this. It’s what living in a small town is all about,” he said. That’s why Labaume said she ran right into the smoke. She said she loves her community. After helping her neighbor, she brought food to everyone on scene, and plans to collect donations for the people who lost their homes. “It’s just a momma thing. When you see somebody and you hear somebody, that’s just human nature. You’re supposed to go and you’re supposed to help the other,” Labaume said. The restaurant labaume works at, called Corn Crib, extended their hours to help feed those who responded to the explosion. We have no further update on the condition of the woman who was home when it happened. Labaume said Corn Crib will be collecting donations of clothing, money and any other supplies the people who lost their homes might need. Source

Was there witchcraft involved in this house explosion at 12:03?

Answer? no of course not...

And that's what you want the answer to be.....

I'll be posting more on the noon day devil explosion caused by witchcraft even if you don't believe. 

New on the Terrorist Watch List:

1. Witches
2. Demons

How Demons and their Attendant Witches set Fire to Houses and Buildings. 

CLAUDE FELLET was always quarreling with a woman who was her neighbor; for it is often a fruitful source of friction when those of equal condition live near to each other. And she had for a long time pondered in her heart how she could ring some secret misfortune upon her neighbor; for it was necessary that it should be done in secret, since if any evil befell the woman, all the inhabitants would at once blame Fellet for it. Accordingly, she formed the following plot with her Demon. She was to go to her usual work in the fields, while he would do her business for her in the town: in this way no suspicion could attach to her, since she would be away from home. The neighbor's house was bolted and barred, and behold! her infant son whom the mother had left alone in the house was heard crying pitiably within. All who heard it ran up and broke open the door to see what had happened to make it cry so; and they found him smothered and buried all over with red-hot embers. They shook these off with all speed, and took him from his cradle in a desperate effort to save him; but he was already breathing his last, and died in their hands. The rumor then began to spread that this was certainly Fellet’s doing, for it was said that she had already taken the same sort of vengeance on several others: therefore she was examined in respect of this crime and others of which she had long been suspected; and finally she was induced to confess openly that she was guilty, telling all as it had been done by the Demon at her request, and particularly of the burning embers which he had shoveled from under the hearth and thrown upon the unfortunate child’s cradle. 

Since we have touched upon the subject of the fires and conflagrations caused by Demons, I have thought good to subjoin some various examples of this aspect of their activities, which may help to elucidate the truth of a matter which has been the subject of much doubt and controversy to many. There is a village named Colmar in the domains of the Lord Abbot of Saint-Evre, Jacques de Tavigny, O.S.B., a prelate of most eminent nobility and riches, never sufficiently to be praised for his courtesy, beneficence and integrity. Not twenty yeas ago a certain wanton Demon began to throw stones incessantly by day and night at the servants of an inhabitant of this village ; but after he had done this for a long time without effect, they began to treat it as a joke and did not hesitate to hurl back taunts and insults at him. Therefore at the dead of night he set fire to the whole house in a moment, so that no amount of water was enough to prevent it from being immediately burned to the ground. This account I eagerly heard from the servants, being led by the strangeness of the event to question them when I chanced to be going that way not many days later. 

The following story is the very brother to that of Medea, who sent as a gift to Creusa the daughter of Creon magic fire enclosed in a box, by which the palace in which she was then was burned. Joanna Schwartz at Laach, March 1588, tried with all her might to get Francoise Huyna to give her a piece of dough before she put it in the oven, so that she might make a cake with it for her children. But Huyna refused her, saying that the dough had been measured out to last the whole family for a certain number of days,and she could not give any of it away without causing her own house to go short. Thereupon Joanna never stopped pondering how she might fittingly pay her back for that refusal. But she did not have to wait long; for her Demon gave her a napkin in which were some tiny morsels like chaff, and told her to secrete it in Huyna’s house, and to do so quickly, for it would happen that, soon after she had done so, the house would suddenly burst into flames and be consumed with all its furniture. Accordingly she rolled the napkin into a ball, went to Huyna as she was but in her bake house, and offered to sell it to her for use in her loom, which she had heard she was getting ready. And when Huyna said that she did not need it, since she expected to have more than enough to do in household duties; nevertheless, the good woman put it down in a flour tub that stood near by, saying that if she had no use for it at that time, she might return it at her leisure. Hardly had she left the house when the tub containing the napkin burst into flames, and the whole house caught fire so rapidly that no help could be brought quickly enough. These two women separately gave the same account of this event, and so removed any possible doubt as to its truth, 

One more example, not unlike the above, I shall take from Erasmus of Rotterdam (Epist. famil., X XVII, 20). There is a town in Switzerland called Schiltach which was entirely burnt down in a moment on the tenth of April, 1533. And according to the statements made by the inhabitants to the Mayor of Fribourg, which city is eight German miles from the place, the cause of that fire was said to be as follows:—A Demon whistled in a certain part of an inn; and the host, thinking it was a thief, went up but found no one, The whistle was repeated from a higher room, and again the host went up to look for a thief, but again found no one. But when the whistle was again heard, this time from the top of the chimney, it came into the host’s mind that it was the work of some Demon. He bade his family keep calm; called two priests; and they performed an exorcism. He answered that he was a Demon. Asked what he was doing there, he said that he wished to burn the town to ashes. When they threatened him with holy things, he said that he cared nothing for their threats, since one of them was a whoremonger and both of them were thieves. A little later he raised up into the air a young woman with whom he had been intimate for fourteen years (although during all this time she had regularly confessed herself and received the Eucharist), and set her on the chimney-pot; gave her a jar, and told her to turn it up. She did this; and within an hour the whole town was burned out. 

We need not be greatly astonished at this power of the Demons to cause such rapid and instantaneous fires, for even to this day we have men who are most skilled in doing the like. I do not refer to explosive powders and such inflammatory substances, by the use of which we see whole houses quickly set on fire and destroyed ; for they are matters of common and every- day use. I refer to some occult method which is beyond normal human understanding. Last year there was in the train of a certain Prince a simple fellow from Germany (I name no names, though I could easily do so), who professed that he had that which, if he scattered some of it among the houses, the whole town, many days after he had left it, would be set on fire and burned out. And at last, through an interpreter, he explained to the Count, the Prince’s son, the nature of this substance, having first bound them both by an oath never to reveal or communicate the secret to anyone. know from Pliny (II, 105) that naphtha has such an affinity for fire that it very readily conducts flame; but he is wide of the mark when he says that it actually causes fire. For, as I hear, it can be kept with perfect safety for many days in the same room with a bright and continual fire burning. But certainly it is an execrable and detestable invention; for, thanks to it, no host is safe from his guests; and the largest and most beautiful cities, which cost many years’ labor in the building and perfecting, can in a moment be destroyed at the pleasure of one wicked man, with the consequent ruin of all the inhabitants.