FSSP Fr. Jackson Fundraiser Scandal: Mike Parrott Paid $55,000 To Michael Archer, Who Filed Bankruptcy After Receiving The Payment......

The FSSP Fr. Jackson Fundraiser 
Parrott became notorious for establishing a fundraiser for Jackson in November, which raised nearly $150,000. He promised he would spend half on a "private investigation" involving "forensic computing" on "relevant physical devices," and said he was working with "two teams" of investigators, and had hired "former NSA, former State Department former Homeland Security." None of this ever occurred. Instead, Parrott paid $55,000 to Michael Archer, an unlicensed investigator with no expertise in forensic computing, who filed bankruptcy shortly after receiving payment. To this day Archer has refused to give an accounting of how he has spent that money, and has disobeyed a court order that he hand over his bank statements and correspondence with Parrott. Church Militant also learned that Parrott tried to get a personal kickback from the attorney representing Fr. Jackson, John Calcagni. Calcagni refused, as doing so would have been wire fraud, a federal crime. At the time the fundraiser was launched, Church Militant questioned the wisdom and feasibility of Parrott's "private investigation," asking how he expected to get access to the evidence (seized computer and hard drive) being used to prosecute Jackson. Source