Addicted To The Marital Bed Is A Sign Of Impurity.......

Don't let FSSP manly he man Rad Trad Influencers fool you into thinking that they are abstainers from fleshly pleasures with the wife. They are not. Most of them could not spend a day away from the embraces of their wife. These men are sensual. That's why they are laymen and not celibate monks. These men are sensual and they are effeminate - just like the gay clergy. Only these laymen like the ladies and think that because of that they are manly he men and not effeminate. The clergy back in the day (1500's) complained about the loose morals of those effeminate men who were addicted to the marital bed.

Think I am harsh or lying?

Please tell me how many married Rad Trads separate themselves from their wife during all of Lenten season? Or the upcoming Advent Season? 


And how do I know this? Because if they did separate themselves from their wife's embraces for 40 days you would know it! because they would throw it in your face by bragging about how they separated themselves from marital embraces for the whole of Lent! They would let you know it. Just like they brag on how no-one on Earth has better, smarter, more talented, or better-looking children etc....or bragging about their workout at the gym or bragging about their gun collection, whiskey collection, meat collection etc....

They are quiet about this because they don't do it.