Fr. David Nix Wants Rad Trads To Get On The Trump Train...Little Does Fr. Nix Know That Satan Is The Engineer Of The Trump Train...

Similarly, the bite of Satan is viperous, and his breath lethal and mortal; and since his fall from the Council and Assembly of Heaven he has so importunately concerned himself with the affairs of men that they who would lie in the protection of the Lord’s flock must above all things take care to keep him far away and guard themselves from him by a fence. Remy 1595

Fr David Nix ia another one of those renegade disobedient priests leading souls astray.

Priests like Nix will one day find themselves on top a steep mountain lying in wait to kill the Fatima Pope and faithful.

"we better jump on the Trump train. Or just join all-out communism, aka, the Errors of Russia. Nix

"But if you’re still reading blog posts or watching Catholic videos or podcasts, please decide today if you’re going to fight for the first President we’ve had in 50-100 years not controlled by a puppet-master… or… if you’re going to mope about in silent complicity with the very regime of Communism currently taking over this country that Our Lady warned about in 1917. Nix

Next thing Nix will have you believe that Putin is a Savior (if he hasn't already done so)

Then Nix you have you join the army of the Forerunner to the Antichrist....