Screaming Infant Mass: How Many Screaming Infants Were Present In The Upper Room During The Recollection And Prayer Of The Apostles, From The Ascension, Unto The Coming Of The Holy Ghost?

GIOTTO di Bondone


There were no Screaming Infants in the upper room during those ten days that the Apostles and the Blessed Mother were at recollection and prayer.

There is a sinister movement in Rad Trad Parishes of unstable women who try to disrupt the peace and recollection of men who attend to their duty to God in Prayer.

These women are witches more or less.

They do this by pinching their sleeping infant to make the infant wail.

Many a time was I harassed by crazy and unstable women at the New Mass. Any time I was  alone at prayer or meditation in front of the Blessed Sacrament at a New Mass Parish  - sure enough some hag would come in and start a fuss. Happens a lot.

Now that I attend a Latin Mass the harassment continues - this time the insane hag uses a screaming infant to disrupt the peace.

These hags apparently moved from the News Mass to the Latin Mass chapels so that they can continue their attacks on Piety and devotion.

Ever notice why married men who attend the Latin Mass have no devotion or spiritual life to speak of?

It's because the wifey won't let them. This has always been the case where the woman would constantly nag the Husband if he was attending to his devotion to God. Look it up. I read several accounts from the 1500's-1600's of nagging wives harassing their devote husband. 

Most married men who attend the Latin Mass are devoid of devotion because that's the way the wife wants it Nothing new under the Sun.

The increased Screaming Infant Masses will continue. It will at times become unbearable. There is a wicked movement in Rad Trads circles to make Screaming Infant Masses the norm.

Truly wicked.