Since Putin Is Hiding In Bunker - I Got A Moscow Apartment! The Previous Tenant Died - First Rank Captain Kuprin Anton Valerievich....

Putin hiding in a bunker somewhere up North of 60th Parallel.

So I'm free to to roam the streets of Moscow.

Found a Moscow apartment.

Moskva ship blew up....

New photos appear to show the doomed Russian Black Sea flagship Moskva ablaze moments before it sank following a Ukrainian missile attack. The guided-missile cruiser — the largest craft deployed against Ukraine so far — is seen in photographs and video tilting precariously to its left side as thick smoke billows skyward. The images, which emerged Monday, reportedly were captured Thursday, the day after Kyiv claimed it struck the ship off Odessa with Neptune missiles, according to the Times of London. A senior US defense official confirmed Friday that at least one Ukrainian missile struck the Moskva — contradicting the Kremlin’s insistence that the 600-foot-long ship, which carried nearly 500 sailors, had been damaged in an ammunition fire. Moscow has claimed that the ship sank in bad weather while being towed after the ammunition fire. The images of the burning warship, which were taken from a nearby vessel, were first shared on a Telegram messaging app that is believed to be linked to Russian security agencies, the Telegraph reported. Its lifeboats appear to have been deployed. Meanwhile, Russia on Saturday released video showing what it said were members of the doomed ship. About 120 sailors and officers can be seen in the soundless footage standing at attention in uniform. The 26-second clip was posted to the Russian Ministry of Defense’s Facebook page. Source

Putin hiding North of 60th Parallel makes him out to be the Emperor of the North, who is called Mystic Anti-Christ?