Eleventh Spring Explosion: Pro-Russian Propaganda Radio Transmitter Towers Blow Up In Transnistria - Moldova

"Something unusual is definitely going on, but there's no clear answer as to who is behind it," 

Remember the 2020 Iran explosions? 

On Monday evening, explosions rocked the headquarters of the Ministry of State Security building in Tiraspol, capital of the self-declared Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, more commonly known as Transnistria. The attack on the Ministry building was followed on Tuesday morning by two explosions at a radio tower 30 miles to the north. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombings. Photographs from the scene of the first explosion showed that a grenade launcher had been left lying in the road near the Ministry building following the attack. No workers were in the building at the time of the incident, as the attack fell on an official holiday connected with the Orthodox Christian observance of Easter. No injuries were reported. The Tuesday morning explosions disabled two Soviet-era radio towers which were known to broadcast Russian state-affiliated stations. Russian war correspondents reported that a military airfield near Tiraspol had also come under attack. "Something unusual is definitely going on, but there's no clear answer as to who is behind it," Keith Harrington, a PhD candidate at Maynooth University Ireland, told Newsweek. Harrington is currently researching the origins of the Transnistrian conflict, and has published extensively on contemporary politics in the breakaway region. Source