The Supreme Pontiff Francis Kisses The Wrong Hand! Francis Kissed the Hands Of A Homosexual Hoaxer! LOL!

Court Confirms: Francis Kissed the Wrong Hands

Marek Lisiński, a Polish hoax campaigner for “victims” of homosexual abuses is now a convicted lier, (December 16) reported. A court found that he invented his own “abuse” at the hands of a priest. Lisiński founded an organisation and raised money for “victims” – using it for himself. In 2019, when a Polish delegation led by an anti-Church MP presented Francis with a hoax report about “abuses” in Poland, Francis kissed Lisiński’s hand after hearing and believing that he was a “victim.” A notorious liar, Lipiński falsely accused Father Zdzisław W. in 2014 of abuses. Before Lisiński accused the priest, he had borrowed money from him three times and not paid it back. The priest was acquitted on appeal. Source