FSSP Steve Cunningham Triggered At The Thought That Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Is Vindicated!

Steve Cunningham is a potential threat to the SSPX and its members.

Watch Mr. Cunningham go off at the mention of the One Peter Five Article:

Clandestine Ordinations Against Church Law: Lessons from Cardinal Wojtyła and Cardinal Slipyj Peter Kwasniewski, PhD Source

Mr.  Cunningham will one day hunt down SSPX priests.

Here something that Steve doesn't see - there will be FSSP Clandestine Ordinations in the coming months/years.

Question to the raging Steve Cunningham will those FSSP Clandestine Ordinations be OK in your mind? and will you then apologize for your hatred against Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre?

The answer is no. Steve will not apologize or even acknowledge his hatred for the SSPX and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. 

Steve Cunningham will say it is OK and allowable for the FSSP to perform Clandestine Ordinations for priests and bishops but Steve Cunningham will not admit same for Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. 

Steve Cunningham has a great hatred for the SSPX and those that attend SSPX chapels.