Catholic FSSP Convert Timothy Flanders Heresy: Claims The Laity Holds The Temporal Sword And The Priest Holds The Spiritual Sword

Well this is an error and a lie.

Another convert to the FSSP is causing trouble in the Church.

His name is Timothy Flanders and he claims that the Laity (that's you) hold the Temporal Sword, and the Priests hold the Spiritual Sword.

This is a falsehood.

You as a laymen do not have any authority in the Church.

This is the reality and the Doctrine of the Church: The Pope is supreme in the Spiritual Realm and the Holy Roman Emperor is Supreme in the Temporal Realm.

The Pope has Supreme Authority and the Holy Roman Emperor has Supreme Authority.

Not you. Not Timothy Flanders. Not the FSSP Priests.

Flanders and the FSSP are deluded if they think they possess Supreme Temporal Authority and Supreme Spiritual Authority. 

But this makes sense that the FSSP and Flanders would push this idea that the Laity and Priests hold these two swords.


Because the FSSP and Flanders can not bring themselves to admit that the Pope (Francis) is supreme in the  Spiritual Realm. 

And the Holy Roman Emperor is non-existent at the moment. So there's no Emperor to wield that Authority so it might as well be the FSSP Laity.

So the FSSP and Flanders believe that it is the Laity (not the Holy Roman Emperor) and it is the Priests (not  Pope Francis)  who are in possession of these two swords.

As I've said before there is something sinister in the ranks of the FSSP and Liaty who sit in the pews at  FSSP Parishes and it is starting to show its hand.

It looks like Flanders is going to be spreading this heresy on One Peter Five and on his website The Meaning of Catholic.

Flanders will charge you as well to get all the latest on his heresy.

Give  a listen to Flanders on the Two Swords:
How to Fight Against the Enemies of Holy Church

Look - just read Dante's Monarchia or William of Ockham or Marsilio of Padua and you will see the true doctrine on who it is that holds the Temporal and Spiritual power.

FSSP spreads this error because they know that FSSP Convert Alexander Tschugguel will not be given the title of Holy Roman Emperor because the Seven Imperial Electors will not elect him, so the FSSP will try another route to get Alexander Tschugguel elected as the leader of the Rad Trad Movement and that will be done by mimicking the political form of government of the Venetian Republic by having the Rad Trads vote for Tschugguel. This idea is the brainchild of FSSP Convert Ann Barnhardt.

The FSSP will get what they want a leader in Tschugguel, but he will be the Forerunner to the Antichrist foretold by Our Lady of La Salette and he will lead an army of Nationalists who will wage war against the Catholic Church.