Dear Dr. Ann Barnhardt....... My Landlord Had The Rona And Couldn't Get Out Of Bed Much Less Walk...I Told Him To Crawl To Feed Store And Pick Up Some Horse Medicine....

Crawl To The Feed Store!


Do you not read the stuff before you post it online?


Hey let's test the intelligence of Dr. Ann's backwoods audience....

First off Dr. Ann claims that Covid is fake. Covid is nothing but the flu! But why don't you take this medicine for pigs just in case! What?

Oh it gets better - here is a supposed letter that Ann got from one of her backwoods fans by the name of K K probably stands for Shithead...


My landlord, got the Rona. High fever, then cough and having trouble breathing. He is about 68 years old. He called me as a friend and said he was in trouble, hard to breathe, couldn’t walk 15 yards. (He hunts and is used to walking miles.)

I told him to go to the farm store and buy some injectable ivermectin (He lives 60 miles from me). He said the store had 3 bottles in the morning and were sold out at noon. I gave him some of my stash and told him how much to take. This was Saturday night.

The next morning I told him to take another dose. Monday morning I called to check on him and he told me he felt 90% better, still had stuffy nose. By the end of the week he was packing to go on a trip to help a cattle buddy on his ranch 1000 miles away. He bought a big bottle of Ivermectin, his sister bought a big bottle, and thanked me for saving her brother.


"couldn’t walk 15 yards and yet I told him to go to the farm store........."

So if a guy can't walk 15 yards why would you tell him to out of the house to go to the feed store?

He lives 60 miles away and yet you were able to magically give him some of your horse medicine.....What?

Then for some reason you call him the next day to take another dose? What? Weren't you just at his house Saturday? And didn't you tell him how much to take? Why call again on Sunday to tell him how much to take on Sunday?

What a moron?


Here's another letter from C:

......Last week,my kids brought home something nasty from school (coughing, fever, body aches all around). My Wife and all four little ones caught it. I’d been taking one dose per week since January, so I was fine. The fam got on The Paste at the first sign of symptoms, and they were all 100% before the end of the week. Two of them were back running track, and one of them finished a three mile race this morning. Even the average back-to-school cold leaves more of a mark than that.......Watching all of the narratives simultaneously unravel because of a little bacteria someone discovered on a golf course 50-something years ago is the single most satisfying thing to come out of the last 20+ months    

Last week....would have been the last week in August 

last 20+ months...meaning this letter was written in September because covid started January 2020.

back-to-school...meaning end of August.

Ok so this letter was written in September but the parent makes mention of Track? and makes mention of a 3 mile race.

Well there is no 3 mile race in High School Track. But there is 3.1 mile in Cross Country. Track and Cross Country are not the same thing, Track is in the Spring and Cross Country is in the Fall, and any concerned parent should know this.

So this is another fake letter from Dr. Ann.


Ann ends her post with "We did conquer and will re-conquer Rome"

Who Conquered Rome?

Pagan Goths
Pagan Huns.
Pagan Franks
Pagan Alemanni
Pagan Vandals 
Pagan Langobards 
Pagan FSSP'ers......

The only ones who conquered Rome would be barbarians. I guess the Doctor is admitting what side she is on....And it's all there in the Secret of Fatima and the Message of La Salette. It will be the Gun toting FSSP and the Forerunner to the Antichrist with his Nationalist Army who will next conquered Rome and Murder the Fatima Pope Bishop Priests and Faithful...

I just realized that Ann could be possessed and this is the demon(s) speaking......"We did conquer and will re-conquer Rome".......