Witch Ann Elizabeth Andrew Barnhardt Claims She The One! During Angelus A Witch Cries Out “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!”

Originally Posted 2 Sept 2018:

Originally Posted 28 Aug. 2018:


The lot of you sided with a SCOUNDREL.


You can hear the witch it at: 8:27, 9:01, 11:08, and 12:20

I bet you anything that the witch that was crying out VI-GA-NO! is a really nasty piece of work....



  1. Boy did I get that one right.......

  2. I think Ann is joking. It doesn't really sound like her voice. I'm not really sure what to think about what she wrote, but I'm pretty sure that's not her calling out.


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