FSSP DOOM! Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter: "To Accuse Us of Schism Is Unjust"......LOL!

Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter: "To Accuse Us of Schism Is Unjust" 
The Motu Proprio "Traditionis custodes" massively restricts access to the Roman Liturgy and takes us back to the time of the cold war between the Old and New Mass, Linz Father Walthard Zimmer, Austria, one of the founding members of the Fraternity of Saint Peter, writes in his August newsletter. The Fraternity of St Peter which has submitted to Rome and the bishops despite existential risk, is now being accused of schism, he writes: "We honestly lack understanding for this, and we feel it is unjust." Zimmer points out that the assessment of the Second Vatican Council still plays a key role. He criticises the Council without denying it legitimacy or binding force. As an example, he names the Constitution on the Liturgy, which sets out the Council's goals: to deepen the Christian life, to promote Christian unity and to call everyone into the fold of the Church. Everyone can judge for himself whether these goals have been achieved, Zimmer concludes. The rising number of people leaving the Church and the divisions over a female priesthood, admission to communion, homosexual "blessings" are omnipresent. The most elementary truths of the faith are largely unknown and the evangelisation has almost come to a complete standstill, Zimmer points out. In the entertainment industry, a film that does not live up to expectations is called a "flop". Zimmer leaves it up to his readers to classify Vatican II as a success story or a flop. According to him, one need neither reject it wholesale nor equate criticism of the Council with "schism". Zimmer sees the danger of schism in efforts to enforce a female priesthood, to "bless" homosexuals, to put Protestant pastors and Catholic priests on an equal footing, and in liturgical arbitrariness such as Mardi Gras eucharists. He cannot foresee what the consequences of Traditionis Custodes will be, but he believes the situation will become "more difficult." With a twinkle in his eye, Zimmer notices that in the name of the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes ("Guardians of Tradition") the Latin word "custos" (guardian) can also be translated with "prison guard" or "jailer." Source