Cardinal Burke Death Watch: Cardinal Burke In Stable Condition

Which is it?

Rochester MN Hospital?
Hospital in Michigan?
Death Bed?
Stable Condition?

I've seen a few references for Michigan. Did the Cardinal pick up Covid from Gary Voris and is Gary going to be the next admitted to the Hospital for Covid?

Cardinal Burke In Stable Condition 

Cardinal Raymond Burke is in a serious, but stable condition, which publishes official media releases, announced on August 17. A team of doctors and Burke’s family are responsible for all medical decisions while the Cardinal remains sedated and on a medical ventilator. The family expressed great confidence in the care and appreciated the good intentions of those who have suggested treatments but ask that people refrain from sending anything further. Burke has received the Last Rites from a priest near to him. There are several relics in his room. Burke’s location [in a hospital in Michigan] is not disclosed. He is isolated because of Covid-10 and sedated for his own peace and rest. Source