I Have Been Hired To Drive A Senior Vatican Official Across America To Deliver Mr. Cor Orans On The Door Steps Of FSSP Nuns At The Carmelite Monastery In Philadelphia


Mr. Cor Orans
Chained To A Chair

I don't know much about Mr. Cor Orans.

When I was first introduced to him - Mr. Cor Orans was tied to a chair in a dark basement somewhere in Washington DC. 

I was told that Mr. Cor Orans had to be tied up on all occasions.

I guess Mr. Cor Orans is a bad cookie - but I liked him - he never cause me any problems and he was always obedient to my commands. Mr. Cor Orans said he was on a mission from the Two Popes to clean up the mess that is  the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

You can read about his mission here:

I never read his mission. I have a job to do and that is transport the Senior Vatican Official and Mr. Cor Orans to their desired destination.

Word on the street is is that Mr. Cor Orans is a terror to demonic forces and foolish possessed nuns.

I always asked my self what would happen if Mr. Cor Orans was unchained?

More on my adventures with the Senior Vatican Official and Mr. Cor Orans.

Oh and one more thing - the Senior Vatican Official and Mr. Cor Orans have papal authority to do just about anything in America and go anywhere in America.