Biden's CIA Director Pick Mr. Burns Skates Through Confirmation Hearing And Receives Bipartisan Praise


Biden's CIA director pick skates through confirmation hearing and receives bipartisan praise

Washington (CNN)President Joe Biden's pick to lead the CIA, William Burns, largely skated through his confirmation hearing Wednesday, receiving bipartisan praise from lawmakers on the Senate Intelligence Committee who made clear they intend to support his candidacy as the first lifelong diplomat to serve as director of the nation's preeminent spy agency. The tone of the hearing was largely amicable with a heavy dose of policy-oriented questions that were more reminiscent of what one would expect lawmakers to ask a nominee for Secretary of State rather than CIA director. As expected, Burns appeared to emerge from the hearing unscathed and seems poised for confirmation. In his opening statement, Burns stressed that intelligence must not be political, marking a clear distinction from the approach taken by former President Donald Trump. Source