Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal Says ‘Stop the Steal’ Insurgents Will Form Small Cells For Security: Stop The Steal Insurgent Leader Dr Taylor Marshall Advises Followers To Form Small Cells For Security

Counter Terrorism Expert Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Stop the Steal Insurgent Dr Taylor Marshall are on the same page.

Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal says that ‘Stop the Steal’ Insurgents will form small cells for security.

Stop the Steal Insurgent Dr Taylor Marshall advises his followers to form Cells of 20 or less for security.

Marshall has not Tweeted or posted any YouTube videos for 5 days.

Marshall has gone into hiding.

Many of his women Twitter followers are concerned.

It is possible that Marshall has been arrested and does not have access to Social Media. Maybe the Docotor has made a plea with the Feds and is ratting out some of his fellow Insurgents...

Here is the General on the formation of Cells by these Insurgents:

“As this extremist movement comes under increasing pressure from law enforcement in the coming days and weeks, its members will likely retreat into tighter and tighter cells for security, and that will make them more professional, and those cells will become echo chambers that incubate even more radical thinking along the lines of armed insurrection,” he said. “So even if Trump exits the scene, the radical movement he helped create has its own momentum and cohesion now, and they may find they don’t need Trump anymore. They can just wait for another charismatic leader to appear. So the fabric of something very dangerous has been woven, and it’s further along than most Americans care to admit.”  Source

Here is an Insurgent Dr Taylor Marshall advising his followers to from small Cells. (at 5 minute mark)