So Those Beguiled Star Wars Rad Trad Influencers And Their Demented Followers Have A Problem With The Vatican's Star Wars Themed Nativity Display? What?




Famous Star Wars Rad Trad Influencer Stevie Skojec has a problem with an Vatican Star Wars Themed Nativity scene?


Are you kidding me.

Listen you morons

You are all obsessed with Star Wars and Space Travel.

You idiots think you will live on the moon some day.

I asked a while back why are Rad Trads so fixated on Star Wars and Space Travel?

Answer: Because there is no Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Space.

Got that?

When was the last time you watched a Sci-fi movie that had a scene of a Priest celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?



Maybe that's why the lot of Rad Trad Star Wars fans are so taken in with Star Wars space fantasies.. 

Because there is no Hoy Sacrifice of the Mass in Space...

You would rather stay home on a Sunday morning watching Star Wars for the millionth time than get dressed and attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass......just like in your childhood...

So please don't Tweet that you are offended with the Vatican's Star Wars themed Nativity set when we all know that you still wear your Star Wars PJs...smelling of stale urine with shit stains and all...