Faithful And Devote Catholic Nadine Devillers Beheaded By Muslim Terrorist Brahim Aoussaoui, In Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Basilica

Pictured: 'Kind-hearted' devout Catholic, 60, who was beheaded by Tunisian terrorist at the Nice church where she worshipped - as devastated husband says his life is now an 'absolute nightmare' 

The 60-year-old woman who was beheaded in the Nice terror attack was a kind-hearted devout catholic, it has emerged. Married Nadine Devillers was a regular parishioner at the Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption church. Her husband broke down in tears when he confirmed that she had died in such terrible circumstance in a desperate phone call from her friend of 30 years. Her childhood friend Joelle Guichard told Var Matin newspaper: ‘She was kindness with a capital K. ‘We have been friends for 30 years. I heard about the horror in Nice. I immediately thought of Nadine. ‘She lives not far from the cathedral and she is a devout catholic. I took my phone to call her. I saw I had a missed call, it was Nadine’s husband. ‘As soon as he picked up the phone, when I heard his sobs, I understood. ‘Is it her?, I asked. ‘”Yes,” he replied. “It is her”. ‘”It’s an absolute nightmare”, he added.’ The two women had grown up in Draguignan, a town in the Var region, west of Nice. Joelle, added: ‘Nadine left for Nice aged 18. She had a strong and pure heart.’ Ms Guichard moved to Quebec, Canada, but they stayed in touch with regular phone calls. Source

No barrel, even though it's lost a hoop
or end- piece, ever gapes as one whom I
saw ripped right from his chin to where we fart:
his bowels hung between his legs, one saw
his vitals and the miserable sack
that makes of what we swallow excrement.
While I was all intent on watching him,
he looked at me, and with his hands he spread
his chest and said: "See how I split myself!
See now how maimed Mohammed is! And he
who walks and weeps before me is Ali,
whose face is opened wide from chin to forelock.
And all the others here whom you can see
were, when alive, the sowers of dissension
and scandal, and for this they now are split.
Behind us here, a devil decks us out
so cruelly, re-placing every one
of this throng underneath the sword edge when
we've made our way around the road of pain,
because our wounds have closed again before
we have returned to meet his blade once more.
But who are you who dawdle on this ridge,
perhaps to slow your going to the verdict
that was pronounced on your self-accusations?
"Death has not reached him yet," my master answered,
"nor is it guilt that summons him to torment;
but that he may gain full experience,
I, who am dead, must guide him here below,
to circle after circle, throughout Hell:
this is as true as that I speak to you."
More than a hundred, when they heard him, stopped
within the ditch and turned to look at me,
forgetful of their torture, wondering.
"Then you, who will perhaps soon see the sun,
tell Fra Dolcino to provide himself
with food, if he has no desire to join me
here quickly, lest when snow besieges him,
it bring the Novarese the victory
that otherwise they would not find too easy."
When he had raised his heel, as if to go,
Mohammed said these words to me, and then
he set it on the ground and off he went.
Purgatorio xxviii

See How I Split Myself! See Now How Maimed Mohammed Is!