Ann Barnhardt Says To Ignore The Frankenstein Monster She Created! Folks, Just Drop Leatherby....Just ignore And Move On.......


Heretic Ann Barnhardt creates a monster in her own image and now she has regrets....

See her latest regret here:

Nauseating proof of the Fr. Jeremy Leatherby cult…

A reader joined, in his words, “the Fr. Jeremy Leatherby Facebook Fangirl Page” to survey the situation.

Oh… noooooo….

It’s soooooo baaaaad.

Now, some might say, “Ann! Why are you exposing Fr. Leatherby’s cult when he ‘came out’ as BiP (Benedict is Pope)? Aren’t you hurting the credibility of the BiP position?”

Nope. Because THIS garbage MUST be exposed. I don’t turn a blind eye to scandal so long as people who might share a position with me espouse the same position and thus might be be “useful”. Nope. I don’t play those sociopathic games. Wrong is wrong. Just consider, what kind of priest would tolerate such a sickening display about himself? Answer: A really bad priest. Whom Fr. Leatherby commemorated at the Te Igitur was down the list of his issues. Ugh.

Folks, THIS is cultic. As one correspondent put it with tongue firmly in cheek, “You mean you don’t think we should re-cast the Miraculous Medal with Father’s mug on it?”

Folks, just drop Leatherby and his fem-cult. Just as Voris and his Opus Dei Tu Pei cult should be dropped. Just ignore and move on.

But, I mean… LOOK at this! From February 26 this year. 😨🤢🤮

I wonder how many more monsters she has living in her closet.....