Trump Supporter Steven Anthony Shields Claims He Is On A Mission From God Admits To Ramming Minivan Into Queen Of Peace Catholic Church And Setting It On Fire

Thug Brother?

Probably a pissed off FSSP Parishioner


Declares himself the in the Great Monarch

Probably owns the book - rules for retrogrades..

During questioning, Shields, who smelled of gasoline, allegedly admitted to setting the church foyer on fire. He indicated that he targeted the Catholic Church because of a “mission,” the report says. Shields told deputies about problems he had with the Catholic Church and mentioned several Biblical references to the Book of Revelations and Bible scripture. He described his actions as “awesome” and smiled and laughed while talking about the incident, stating that he was the “king,” the report says. Shields allegedly told deputies that he had realized his “mission” Sunday morning and drove to a nearby gas station to purchase the gas. He acknowledged seeing a woman in the church foyer during the incident and indicated she had asked him if he was OK after he drove through the doors, the report says. Marion County firefighters enter the fire-damaged Queen of Peace Catholic Church on State Road 200 in Ocala on Saturday morning. The front lobby area of the Queen of Peace Catholic Church was damaged Saturday morning after Steven Anthony Shields allegedly slammed his vehicle into the building and lit it on fire. Shields also allegedly indicated that he has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and is not currently taking his medication.

More violent thuggish behavior:

Shields is no stranger to the Marion County legal system. In October 2019 he was arrested after a woman claimed he wanted to murder her. She told sheriff’s deputies that Shields had swung a crowbar at her twice before telling her to lie on the ground to she could hit her on the head and kill her. Shields admitted that he wanted to “kill her because she was a ‘stupid (expletive deleted),’” a report states, adding that he was charged with assault with intent to commit a felony. Source


  1. "Trump Supporter" evidence ?

    1. his mooostache and hair on his chin see picks of of famous Trumptarian Timothy Gordon Thug Brother #1

    2. See pictorial evidence here Thug Brother Hair Styles: Steven Anthony Shields & Timothy J Gordon

    3. You’re determining whether someone is a Trump supporter based on his hair.....mmmk


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