The Mind Of Ann Barnhardt: "Oh Look St Francis Xavier Has His Arms Across His Chest That Means That He Is Influenced By Freemasonry Pachamama Paganism"

Ann is a convert.

Ann does not know her Catholic Faith.

Did you know that many Catholic spiritual writers claim that the Devil Apes the things of God. So what the Devil does is to STEAL things from the Catholic Church like devotions, signs, Sacraments, images, Rosary etc and the Devil corrupts these Catholic signs and presents them to his children - heretics etc.. So it makes it appear that these wicked children of Satan were the first to practice or be in possession of said "Catholic Things". And it gives the appearance that the Catholics are aping the things of the wicked children of Satan.

Golden Rosary
Tibetan Buddhism

For instance take the Catholic Devotion on the Rosary - called the Golden Rosary. Now I know that this Catholic devotion is in little use today - its obscure - its from the 1500's or so. And the priest that wrote down this Golden Rosary devotion was probably taken from other Catholic that lived even further back, at least back to the days of St Dominic. I pray this Golden Rosary once in awhile.

But did you know that the Devil stole this Golden Rosary devotion (at least its name) and gave it to his wicked children the Buddhists. 

The only similarities with the Catholic Golden Rosary is the name:

The Golden Rosary of the Karma Kagyu Lineage The forefathers in the Kagyu lineage are known as the “Golden Rosary.” The lineage of the Kagyu emphasizes the continuity of oral instructions passed on from master to student. See their website here

So this is just one example of a Catholic Devotion (at least its name) taken over by Satan and corrupting it and give it as a gift to his wicked Children.

Here is a Catholic website on the Catholic Golden Rosary 

So if you're a Catholic who prays this Golden Rosary does this make you a Buddhist? After all it seems as if the Buddhists have more google searches for the Golden Rosary than do the Catholics.

Another instance of the Devil stealing from the Catholic Church to gift to his wicked children is the eye in the Triangle which represents the all seeing eye of God or the Trinity:

Oh No! look its Masonic all seeing eye!

Run for your lives.

I remember back in the 90's viewing the Vatican Exhibit in St Louis where a Monstrance like the one above was on display - the Triangle all seeing eye was much larger and more prominent - it was from the 1300's or so.

Now any ill-informed Sedevacantist would have had a fit if he saw such a thing at the St Louis Museum. And would have said that that was proof positive that the Catholic Church was influence by Freemasons - until someone pointed out to the ill-informed Sedevacantist that the Triangle all seeing eye  was made in the 1300's or almost 400 years before the origins of Freemasonry. But the ill-informed Sedevacantist would have scoffed and claimed that the date was incorrect or some such other nonsense.

Ann is like this. 

She claims that arms across the chest represent Freemasonry Pachamama Paganism

See her post Satanic taunting? I’ll not rule it out.

Here are the pics that Ann finds demonic:

Ann claims that because the Catholic Clergy are pictured with their arms across their chest means that they are definitely FREEMASONS! 

From crazy RAD TRAD followers of Dave (Twice Married) Domet

"Crossing arms across the chest is a classic gesture of defensiveness. This defensiveness usually manifests as uneasiness, shyness or insecurity."  They should be defensive. Christ is coming to get them. Source