I Have To Drive One Hour To Latin Mass While King Of Queens Star Kevin James Takes Three Steps To His Latin Mass CHAPEL

Kevin James, 54, an American actor, comedian and screenwriter who is best known for his role as Doug Heffernan in the sitcom “The King of Queens“ (1998–2007), served mass for Father Chad Ripperger FSSP. A photo was published by Scott Hahn on Social Media (December 12). Hahn wrote, “A wonderful time on retreat for three days (December 10-12) with Father Chad Ripperger, Kevin James, Skylar Testa, Father Justin Ramos, and Leo Severino. Great talks, conversations, meals, and even a mini-workout in KJ’s home gym!” The retreat was organised in James' house. James said already in 2012 that he is a practicing Catholic. He is married and father of four children. Source