Pope Francis Plays With Possessed Girl On The Stage After She Slips Away From Her Mother

suffering from a mystery illness...WHAT?

Smiling Pope Francis allows ill girl to run and play on the stage after she slips away from her mother as he delivers his weekly Vatican address

Pope Francis allowed a girl suffering from an undisclosed illness to run around on to the stage during his general audience on Wednesday. The girl, wearing a pink T-shirt reading 'Love,' slipped away from her mother at the front of the audience hall and reached the big marble stage where Francis was giving a sermon on the importance of helping those in need. Catching sight of herself on a large television screen positioned off to one side, she then began running up and down, jumping, pulling faces, and clapping. Source

Is Pope Francis encouraging Bizarre Girl Behavior....

 "Let her be. God speaks" through children, prompting the crowd to erupt in applause. While greeting the Italian-speaking pilgrims at the end of the audience, Pope Francis reflected on the young girl who is "a victim of an illness and doesn't know what she is doing."  "I ask one thing, but everyone should respond in their heart: 'Did I pray for her; looking at her, did I pray so that the Lord would heal her, would protect her? Did I pray for her parents and for family?' When we see any person suffering, we must always pray. This situation helps us to ask this question: 'Did I pray for this person that I have seen, (this person) that is suffering?' Source